Yann Idelsen

Founder & CEO

Yann Idelsen is the founder and CEO of FundRE, a Prop-Tech start-up that facilitates the origination of European commercial real estate finance for institutional investors. Mr. Idelsen is involved in all phases of the company’s development.

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Annia Labrador

Chief Technology Officer

Annia Labrador is the chief technology officer of FundRE and leads the development team which covers frontend, backend, data, and cloud development. Her responsibilities include technical recruitment, managing the development process, establishing good development practices and standards across the platform, coordinating all moving parts to deliver a high-quality and optimised product, and identifying technical innovation opportunities.

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Elias Jaime

Software Engineer

Elias Jaime has over 10 years of experience as a Software Engineer across several industries including Marketing, E-commerce, and Logistics. His current responsibilities include the development of new user-facing features, maintaining and improving the platform as well as optimizing performance and loading times. He works closely with the designer and backend team to constantly enhance the user experience.

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